For a skater, turf is like motherland. He lives and dies for it



Owning a turf is as big as it gets. What better way to mark it than with the most sacred skate brand. With a mobile App, skaters can now discover, learn, teach, share, compete and Own the Turf.




User can login with their existing Social Media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There's also an option of registering a new profile.

The App also takes the user directly to the Vans Store website.

Main Menu

Here, user can find new turfs in his area. There's  also an option of adding new turfs to the App.

User has access to Tricks & Tutorials where other skaters teach each other new skating tricks.

Own It

Every turf on the map is either owned by a skater or free to be owned.


If there is an owner, user can challenge him for it. If it's free, user can perform any trick an claim the turf.

Challenge the Owner

To challenge the owner, perform a trick and upload the video. Other skaters will vote for the best skater on the turf.


The skater with most votes will be the new owner of the turf.

Monthly Competition

Each month VANS will hold a competition on new turfs. Skaters will be invited to perform there. In the end, the winner will have his name physically written on the turf for the month.


VANS Twitter/Facebook page will be posting the competition and the new owners for all the fans to see.





Hamza Ali

Marco Bienekt



Hamza Ali


Art Director

Hamza Ali

Marco Bienek


Creative Director

Anke Buchmann

Anke Buchmann