Pay Per



Most of our possessions are things we hardly ever use. Our homes are full of things we once bought for a need which isn't frequent enough.



With DriveNow we only pay for the time we use the car. Wouldn't life be amazing if we can pay for everything in that way?


A print campaign that shows DriveNow's main USP in every aspect of life. Using every day things that we own but hardly ever use.

Film Concept

TV Spot is shot inside a wardrobe. It is time lapsed and backwards. A pair of sneakers will be shown which have not been used in a long time.

The wardrobe door opens and closes, day change to night, a hand takes out stuff, as the sneakers remain unmoved.

Finally we see a hand taking out the sneakers, putting them back into the box he bought them in.

Followed by Super. "Life's better when you only pay for the things you use - DriveNow , Pay Per Moment".


Tired of paying for hotel rooms while you spend most of the time outside it? With DriveNow partner hotels you only pay for the time you spend inside the room.


Use your DriveNow chip to access the room and when you exit the room the charge will stop.





Hamza Ali

Marco Bienek

Moritz Schaeffer



Hamza Ali

Moritz Schaeffer


Art Director

Marco Bienek


Creative Director

Fedja Kehl


Marco Bienek

Moritz Schaeffer