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A vacation isn’t just about being in a different place physically. It’s about seeing something new. Tasting and smelling something new. It’s about touching and hearing something new .



We all have an adventure inside us. We just need someone to bring it out. Mile High makes you feel like you’re on the best vacation of your life.

It is the “Vacation for your senses”

Radio Campaign

The most recognizable sound associated with a vacation is the in-flight announcements in a plane. So we use this format to tell more about Mile High experience. The radio spot will sound like a Pilot speaking with the passengers in an entertaining way.


SFX : In-flight announcement tone.


Ladies & Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.

Welcome on board to Mile High flight to Andalucia. We have a lot of unscheduled stops, so brace yourself for an adventure. Our flight time will be as long as it takes to give a new life to all your senses. We’ll be flying at an altitude above your daily worries and we’ll make sure you forget where you are.

At this time, make sure your seats are reclined and the table is close enough to pick your wine glass. For your safety, we have removed all belts from our seats.

So kindly, loosen the ones you’re wearing to enjoy the food.

Shortly, we will be serving some delicacies from Andalucia.

We advise you to prepare your mobile devices for check-ins, food photos and selfies. If you need assistance with a photo please ask a stewardess. You have a choice between 3 hashtags for your tweets. We offer #FoodComma, #HungryNoMore & #NomNomNom

We are now crossing the zone of turbulence. It is mostly caused by our sizzling hot stewardesses. If you’re in a long term committed relation, we advice you to hold on to your lovers tightly. All others, please proceed for some light flirting.

A life vest, also known as Red Bordeaux, is placed close to your table.

Please fill up your glass before assisting your partner. If you face difficulties opening the bottle, please ask for help immediately.

To start the flow of tipsiness, let the wine sit in your mouth for a few moments.

In the likely event of your taste buds experiencing something new, please don’t rush it down.

Shortly, we will start our descent into desserts of the night. At this point, we would like to warn you that you will not want to share it with your partner. We can assure you that you don’t need to think about the calorie count.

We thank you for dining with Mile High. A vacation for your senses.


Mile High brings you the ultimate pop-up dining experience. In a London venue, feel the magic of luxurious 60’s Air Travel. Food, drinks, music & entertainment from a new destination, served fresh.

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Hamza Ali


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Hamza Ali


Creative Director

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